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After the events that formed part of Avegers: Edgamefans of Marvel were grieved by the parting of at least three of the original members of the Avengers. The sacrifices of Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and the legacy of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to Falcon as Captain America surely, marked a before and an after in the MCU.

For this reason, the company is working on the renovation of its constellation of superheroes. With new projects on the way for Phase 4 as the Eternals, Shang-Chi, and even the Young Avengers, The house of ideas’ will continue to seek to end the cycles of old figures to introduce new faces.

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The intention of Marvel of the betting for new values would invoice to one of the Avengers most beloved of the entire franchise. According to information from the specialized medium We Got This Covered, the company would be thinking of putting an end to the participation of Hulk in the MCU.

With the rights of the movies of the ‘green Giant’ is still in the possession of Universal, Marvel has only been able to simply include the character in their productions taking roles. Previously, Mark Ruffalo, had hinted that he would like the importance of your role may grow after the Saga of the Infinite, and that is exactly the scenario that resulted in your departure.

Watch here the trailer of Avengers: Endgame:

According to the sources of WGTC, the Hulk of Ruffalo, will have a role recurring in the series She-Hulk prepares Disney. In this fiction, Bruce Banner would be the mentor of Jennifer Walters in her journey to becoming a superheroine and it would be killed to protect her at any point of the plot.