Marvel or DC… Who released more movies in 2021, after the delays?

The pandemic coronavirus became a global problem, as it has disrupted the lives of thousands of people on all continents, but also caused the world to remain in a momentary break to force people to stay in their homes, in addition to a delay of thousands of film productions in order to avoid contagion, and among the franchises that have been affected is the genre of superheroes, and so will be the premieres of Marvel and DC to 2021, once you beat this illness.

The first films that were delayed by this issue were ‘Mulan’ and ‘No Time to Die’ which in its time was a very questionable decision of the studies, but with the increase of the problem forced all productions to do the same, forcing the other films to explore their world premiere, including the franchises of Marvel and DC, which have plans to 2021 and even 2022.



February 12,

This movie had to be delayed several months after ‘Black Widow’ had to move its release date, as originally ‘Eternals’ was going to come to theaters on November 6, but now will come up to February 2021.

‘Shang-Chi and the Leyend of the Ten Rings’

May 7

After that ‘Eternals’ move three months, forcing this production to be hiked for three more months, his release date was planned for February 21, 2021 and now will come the 7 may 2021.

‘Spider-Man 3’

July 16,

The third film of “Spidey” until the moment has not suffered changes in its release date, which remains on the 16 of July, and all indications are that in the near future to begin the recordings for this release, where we will see again to Tom Holland in in suit spider.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

November 5,

Another movie that was delayed and not precisely of three months was ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, which was scheduled for the 7 may, but take ‘Shang-Chi and the Leyend of the Ten Rings’ this date, now the new installment of the sorcerer supreme will arrive on the 5th of November.


March 5,

Although it does not belong to Marvel Studios, the film of ‘Morbius’, which will be connected to, the character of Venom and the Spider-Man of Tom Holland he also suffered a delay of half a year, already scheduled for July 31, 2020 and now will come up to the 5 march 2021.


‘The Batman’

June 25

The new version of the dark knight continues up to the moment with the same release date, which is June 25, 2021, this despite the fact that the production phase was halted due to the contingency world, so that date could change in the near future.

‘The Suicide Squad’

August 6

Another production that continues with the same date of the premiere is ‘The Suicide Squad’ of James Gunn, which already ended its production phase and is currently in editing, so that it will hit the cinemas on 6 August, 2021.

‘Black Adam’

December 22,

The movie where we can see Dwayne Johnson as this villain continues without change in its release date which is 22 December 2021.

As we see, a great number of films were affected by the closure of cinemas, being Marvel Studios who delays has had, since almost all his movies had to be crossed to give space to the productions that were coming to be released, but despite this, the releases of Marvel and DC to 2021 might vary as you progress with this very serious problem.

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