Miley Cyrus starts off in social networks, “week of hero”


Miley Cyrus it started with what he calls the “Week of the hero”.

As part of their program “Bright minded”, which airs live on through your account Instagramthe singer has invited this afternoon to his first guest, one of the doctors who are treating the sick coronavirus Covid-19 in United States.

Under the format of questions and answers, the singer chatted with the doctor Oscar Matias, who works in a hospital New Orleans and shared their experiences.

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“This is a city in the service industry, in the nightlife, music, street vendors, people who is only out there to serve the tourists and suddenly we have this situation shocking that it seems to have stalled a little of that,” said the doctor.

“But you can still see the energy in people trying to overcome this and that things will be better.”


In the talk, the doctor shared that his hospital became a dedicated unit to treat the Covid-19 and one of the most difficult things is that patients are alone and only have contact with doctors and not with his family as a security measure.

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Cyrus and galen also spoke about the importance of staying at home especially with the possibility of being asymptomatic carriers who could infect others and also played the point of taking hygiene measures, as well as search for a better life style.

Miley explained that the whole week will continue bringing heroes to talk with them about how to face the pandemic.