Militao has a price to exit the Real Madrid and already has a possible buyer

The line of support in regards to the core of the Real Madrid it is not safe. Eder Militao he came to the team merengue as a footballer with a projection that in the short term could take the place of the headlines, but his performance stylistically it is not convincing. There is a possible buyer in the orbit of the meringue that you can take it out of the White House in a very short time of having arrived.

From the Premier League there is an interested party that knows quite well the Real Madrid is José Mourinho. Tottenham is following the steps of the central defender brazilian to cover the low of Jan Vertonghen, who lives out his last few months with the Spurs. The london club preparing € 40 million for the incorporation.

The leadership is posed of entry, and, considering his age (22), give him one more season of proof. However, in the event that the offices get a bid close to 50 million euros that was paid in his time at Porto, then sold.

Who is Militao?

The central Real Madrid of the year 98 was born in Sertãozinho, and was formed in the youth ranks of São Paulo. He made his debut in the first team são paulo, may 14, 2017. Militao do not take too much to make the jump to Europe, because, as just 57 games after, the Porto was interested in him and he paid 7 million euros to add to their team. Not needed or a season for los merengues to see a footballer with the ability to join the club, this with the complicity of Pepe, element with which he shared in the defence of portugal. As already mentioned, are paid 50 million euros for his tab.

How to play Militao? Is a smart player tactically, has good speed and air game. You can play as a right side in this, their position of formation and as a pivot point, however, currently the main position played is central defender. We’ll see how long it lasts the experience madrid to the by now ‘3’ white.

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