Nick Kyrgios charges against L’equipe that are not included in the list of players influential | tennis | Noah Rubin | Sports


Known for being the player most controversial of the world, the australian Nick Kyrgios passes the confinement by how much charity you can afford. However, it has not left your side controversial not by a long shot. His last action included a strong insult against the French newspaper L’equipe.

It turns out that the publication sport drew up a list with the 20 players most influential in the world, which does not includes it. The group of athletes highlighted by L’equipe you have Roger Federer to head, Serena Williams escoltándolo and Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in third and fourth place respectively. The name of Kyrgios it does not appear.

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However, the surprise was the emergence of the american Noah Rubin, who is currently in the position 255 of ATP. Rubin pointed out on Twitter that is honored for appearing in the list, a publication that caused the discomfort Kyrgios, who did not hesitate to answer.

“Why you should not feel worthy regardless of enter in this list or not? You do a great job. You are a great tennis player. Stop reading this…”, wrote the australian on his Twitter profile.

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It should be noted that Rubin it was included on the list at number 20 due to the influence from their platform ‘Behind The Racquet’, a portal in which players can be counted, anonymously, his problems with alcohol and drugs. The French newspaper refers to him as the ‘leader of the circuit’.

In terms of Kyrgios, the player is kept active during the pandemic and debuted a new tattoo that pays homage to Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.