Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreations) is pointing to the UCM if Taika Waititi directs

If you’ve seen the sitcom Parks and Recreations without a doubt you know Nick Offerman, the actor who embodied the deadpan Ron Swanson in the fantastic series from Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

The actor has told in a recent interview that without doubt he would accept a role for the film of Marvel superheroes, but with only one condition, you have to be a movie UCM direct Taika Waititi.

I think that they are big franchises -Marvel, Star Wars or any as well – I Think that all of them are replete with examples of fantastic and wonderful creativity and also examples of material less well can Depending on what I’m offered, where is it and how available it is? If the name of Taika Waititi is present I will go running“.

If in the future Offerman end up in the ranks of Marvel Studios would not be the first actor to come out of Parks and Recreations that becomes a superhero. In fact, one of the most important characters of the UCM, the himself Star-Lord, is played by Chris Pratt, who has a fantastic role as Andy Dwyer, one of the main characters of the comedy.

There’s still time to sneak Offerman in Thor: Love and Thunder, the sequel of Thor: Ragnarok, which will again Waititi with a new cast of heroes and even a new Thor inheriting the Mjolnir to lead New Asgard. The moustache of Ron Swanson from then would fit pretty well between the furry nordic that populate this civilization of fiction.


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