PARTYNEXTDOOR, the critique of your disk PARTYMOBILE (2020)

While we think that the concept of the album is stale, goes a rapper (and another and another) and lance –normally, all of a sudden and by surprise– a work composed by several topics. This time the rapper is PARTYNEXTDOOR and their new album, which has been received with anticipation, not only by his fans, but also for the industry in general, to know that contained, among other things, the return of Rihanna to the music in four years.

The canadian artist knows what he’s doing and is surrounded by three international stars that can ensure the success: of Barbados, Drake and Bad Bunny. But not everything is. When you finish listening “PARTYMOBILE” gives you the feeling that you’re not faced with anything new or refreshing, and the fact (or even privilege, given the few intentions of the singer to launch his eagerly awaited new album) to convince Rihanna to appear in your disk even disappointed or overlooked throughout his long tracklist.

The fifteen songs of the “PARTYMOBILE” let clear one thing: your creator knows what are their influences and uses them without hesitation. So maybe make that your own material is something impersonal, excuse the contradiction. Reminiscent of The Weeknd and their atmospheres sound, drink a lot of the “pop-tropical” of his fellow countryman and colleague of Drake and, in general, leaves little footprint in terms of what he as an artist can bring to the world of music. Inspired by the big is good, but it is not enough in these times.

Despite all of this, PARTYNEXTDOOR signature a disk, at least in the strictly sound, cohered. Far from trying to find the macro-to hit that would reign on the airwaves, the rapper is faithful to his principles, and manages to compile a collection of songs that, while not likely to mark his career, he leaves us with the bug by checking what their next steps will be artistic. If you have gotten to collaborate with some heavy weights, we assume that someone will see some potential. We do not have all the life, yes.

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