Pedophilia, fetishes, and sexual abuse: the atrocities that surround the best producer of Nickelodeon


April 13th, 2020, 11:03 pm

This weekend it became viral on Twitter a thread that argued a series of cases of pedophilia, including an alleged fetish producer Dan Schneider, Nickeolodeon, whose series launched to fame in the figures as Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jamie Lee Spears, sister of Britney Spears.

In the above-mentioned publication, has compiled a great group scenes where the director of series such as Zoey 101, iCarly and Victorious applies considerable attention and a number of scenes in which the actresses, most of them children under age, show, lick, and focus their feet.

Some months ago, Dan called a meeting of reunion for the cast of Zoey 101, the series that ended abruptly by the pregnancy of Spears.

‘Nicole Bristow’, played by Alexa Nikolas, who was not invited to the meeting, commented on Instagram that he was satisfied not to participate, but at the same time felt helpless to know that Schneider had been organized and that their former mates to come despite the trauma caused by the producer towards her and other actresses.

The meeting was attended by actors Chris Massy, Sean Flyn, Victoria Justice, Matt Underwood, Abby Wilde, Paul Butcher, Jack Salvatore and Erin Sander.

Alexa shared images where exposed to employees ‘Nick’ under the alias ‘Creep Club’, detailing their fetishes. But it highlights the case of Schneider who claims to have a fetish with the feet, to the point of even asking fans to send in pictures of their extremities through Twitter.

For its part, the famous actress Amanda Bynes also accused her on Twitter of the producer Dan Schneider of sexual abuse and harassment in 2013, after having worked with the producer since 1994 for the series ‘All That’, to be fired from Nickelodeon in 2018, after which arose the movement #MeToo.

Some users also claim that in the series there are scenes with inappropriate content, sexual innuendos, references to situations that are not suitable for a show intended for children and with protagonists younger than age.


Pedofilia, fetiches y abuso sexual: las atrocidades que envuelven al mejor productor de Nickelodeon