PS5: the joystick DualSense is a boom in Instagram and you will rub elbows with an egg and with Jennifer Aniston


Last week Sony presented at society to DualSensethe joystick that will come with the console PlayStation 5. Such as we have in TN Tecno, the remote control has several changes from the DualShock 4 of PS4, a generation jump that allows us to imagine how it’ll look PS5, of which we already know some specs though (yet) its design.

To lack of several months to the launch of the platform gamer, DualSense already hangs a medal. What is your merit? The publication with which the japanese company announced the joystick breaks records on Instagram.

At the time of the publication of this review, the posting with the picture of DualSense posted on the account @playstation exceeds the 4.6 million “likes” on the social network that is the property of Facebook. In less than 24 hours it had reached 4.5 million; that is their record.

Another publication on that account, it had also caused a sensation, when on January 6, revealed the logo of the new console. At the moment, holds more than 5.3 million likes. Yes: as we will see later, there are postings with a much greater amount of “likes”.

The changes in the joystick

DualSense it is notable for the inclusion of technology haptic, a system that will provide more feel and immersion during games. In addition you will have new configuration options for the triggers top, built-in microphones, and a revamped design, both in shape (more ergonomic) as well as in their colors.

One of the changes in DualSense is the presence of trigger buttons (L2 and R2) adjustable (Photo: Sony).
One of the changes in DualSense is the presence of trigger buttons (L2 and R2) adjustable (Photo: Sony).

When will hit the market? Or what is the same: when did you launch PS5? Sony is confident that the effects of the coronavirus in the industry is not affecting his agenda, and says that the console will hit the market during the period of summer holidays in the northern hemisphere; that is to say, to July or August.

Other publications to be successful in Instagram

Although they are appreciable, the above-mentioned brands that got @playstation are very far from the true records on Instagram. Posted that more “likes” holds is… a photo of an egg, which has nearly 55 million likes! This image was published in January of 2019 in the account @world_record_egg.

In the top 5 publications with the most “likes” on that social network also appears the image of the actress Jennifer Aniston published together with their colleagues from the series Friends, after a long time of having finished the filming of the successful tv show.