Rihanna breaks out with their fans and attacks Donald Trump

Rihanna is a celebrity that has excelled in recent weeks by the interest in putting their grain of sand to help the victims to stop the pandemic caused by a coronavirus, in the last month he has made several donations to try to tackle the popular virus.

Now, the native of Barbados is in the news because he attacked Donald Trump, taking into account that the united States is one of the countries with the most dead because of the COVID-19 in the world. The singer strongly criticized the performance of the president before the critical situation that lives in this nation.

Everything happened in a recent Instagram Live starring the same Rihanna, on the occasion of the feast of your virtual luxury brand, Fenty’s Social Club. As was expected, taking into account the constant expectation of his fans in front of the release date of their much anticipated new album, asked when it premiered finally.

The interpreter of ‘Love on the Brain’ was enraged with his followers and went attacked Trump, “If any one of you, children of pu…, ask me about the album once more, in a moment that I fight to save the world, unlike your president… you’ll see!”.

And is that Rihhana if you are doing everything possible to save the world, or at least tries. The entrepreneur of 32 years invested 700 thousand dollars to buy fans sent to the island where he was born, Barbados. Its foundation, Clara Lionel, donated five million dollars to combat the coronavirus at the global level.

The celebrity contributed with the sum of one million dollars to support the undocumented workers who do not have the right to health in the united States, as well as for the children of health professionals who deal with the sick, the elderly, people in prison and homeless in the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

But their interest in collaborating doesn’t end there, recently allied to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to fight against domestic violence during the quarantine.

The two personalities gave more than $ 4 million to help people who suffer abuse, a figure that has shot up in the quarantine. A report shared a few days ago revealed that in Los Angeles there are an average of 90 complaints per week because of domestic violence, figures which also alarmed the rest of the world.

It’s been almost four years since Rihanna released ‘Anti’ his most recent album, and his fans could not be more desperate for new music, but for now they will have to keep waiting because their interests are concentrated on solving the crisis.

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