Rihanna is launched against Trump for his management in the crisis of the coronavirus


The united states has become one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus. In fact, New York’s the place where you will find more cases and more deaths every day. There are many who criticize the management, Donald Trump, among them public figures like Rihanna, who broke out in Instagram with a message on which the charge against the president of the united States.

The singer from Barbados is constantly being consulted by when will release a new album. Your fans are anxious to hear new material from the artist, and constantly bombard their social networks by asking questions about it. The singer has not been able to more and wrote a message where the Trump does not come out very well stopped.

“If any of you, sons of p…, ask me about the album once more, in a moment that I fight to save the world, unlike your president…you’ll see!”, were the words full of rage that Rihanna dedicated himself to his followers.

And is that the artist, like many other famous faces, has turned in to help during the crisis by the coronavirus. Provided $ 700,000 to buy fans to send to Barbados, the place where he was born. In addition, the foundation she created, Clara Lionel, donated five million dollars to combat the coronavirus at the global level.

In addition contributed a million dollars to help undocumented workers who do not have the right to health in the united States, as well as for the children of health officials who are on the front line dealing with the sick, the elderly, people in prison and mensigos of the cities of New York and Los Angeles, collects Very Fan.

But not only that, as Rihanna has also joined with the CEO OF Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to fight against domestic violence during the quarantine. Both have invested almost $ 4 million dollars to help people who suffer from ill-treatment, something that during the confinement has exploded.