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The closure of the hairdressers by the crisis of the coronavirus also affects the famous, who are devising so that the bangs don’t cover your face or hair don’t grow too much. Although others have even opted for radical changes in their hairstyles.


Yours are manicures extravagant, so that Rosalia is usually to go to the local Divine Nails, in Barcelona. However, the singer bet during these days of confinement for nails more discrete than usual. But I wanted to call the attention to your hair cut a fringe straight at the height of the eyebrows. The artist is located in Miami (EE UU), as the state of alarm the was caught working on his new album.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The hair stylist staff of Cristiano Ronaldo during the quarantine is her partner, Georgina Rodriguez, who, during a video uploaded to the social network, tells the player to calm down: “Now do not think about it, let yourself go”. The family is found in Portugal after his partner of the Juventus Rugani to be positive for coronavirus. A few acts that have also coincided with the stroke that has recently endured his mother, Dolores Aveiro.

Iker Casillas

Who is also undergoing quarantine in Portugal is Iker Casillas, who has been shaved to zero and has shared the image with a message is very optimistic: “they will Come positive news”. The family has overcome a difficult year. Since in may the goalkeeper suffered a heart sees life differently and, still more, when his wife, Sara Carbonero, launched a hard-fought battle against cancer. The ex-captain of Real Madrid is now trying to be the new president of the Spanish Football Federation.

Ricky Martin

It is also a good time to gamble with new colors, as has been Ricky Martin, who has opted for the rosa at the request of one of their twin sons. Next to the artist syrian Jwan Yosef, to which the singer has shaved the hair, have two more children: Lucia, who was born at the end of 2018, and Renn, who came into their lives last October.


Maluma has resorted to the razor for raparse, as have many celebrities. But it has proved somewhat complicated and in the end he needed the help of his mother, Marlli Arias, that he never thought that one day he would find himself in that situation. “You learn everything in these times,” says the mother in a video that has been uploaded to the singer’s social networks.

Najwa Nimri

The last hair cut of Najwa Nimri is the most radical that has been done so far. “I hurt so much cervical that I snuff to be able to masajearme”, has justified the actress joking about his shaven head, where alone it has saved the bangs and little more.

Marc Bartra

Accustomed to a lavish toupee, Marc Bartra has also been added to the recent fashion of raparse the hair during the quarantine period. The defense of Betis has done so with the help of his wife, Melissa, Jiménez, with whom he has three children: Gala, April and Max.

Mario Vaquerizo

“I have decided to be a male with a beard,” said Mario Vaquerizo during an interview in The anthillwhere you have said that it looks like Wolverine, a character of the saga X-Men. His wife, Alaska, has not been shown to be very convinced with the new look of the lead singer of the Nancys Rubias: “I like the beard, but Mario does not”.


Soraya is also a risk with the hair cuts, and now has opted raparse. The extriunfita it is promised since the day of Kings with the model Miguel Ángel Herrera and together they have a daughter, Manuela, of three years.

Dabiz Muñoz

The presenter Cristina Pedroche has become a hairdresser for a day with her husband David (or Dabiz) Muñoz. The cook told in his profile of Instagram that was 12 days sick, though unknown if it tried to coronavirus as they didn’t do the tests.

Cody Simpson

Other that your partner has shaved the hair has been Cody Simpson. The singer goes these days with Miley Cyrus, with which he has dealt studs between the medical staff of a hospital. “Very grateful to these true legends of our time, who dedicate their lives to combating the pandemic,” wrote the artist on his account of Instagram.

David Cantero

The news reports continue to issue, and David Cantero has been placed in the hands of his wife, Berta Caballero, to be presentable on television. “Barber home at the time of the Covid”, so wanted to call the journalist, who has 23 years with the interior designer, with whom he has had two children: Alexander and Hadrian. Cantero has another of his first marriage to Carmen Cress, a producer of communication of seville. This is Alvaro Watercress, 30 years.

Julia Otero

The bangs can be a big problem during the closure of beauty salons. Julia Otero did not see anything along that what he had so he has had to resort to the scissors. The journalist has written in his profile of Instagram joking: “Now I just need to take the wicks”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez

The presenter Save me he has shaven the hair live. Kiko Matamoros has done hair in this occasion to Jorge Javier Vázquez, who became demanding with the collaborator: “I want uniform”. Although ultimately he has not displeased with the result: “I look like Tom Cruise in A few good men“.

Sea Towers

More discrete has been the change of Sea Towers, the heir of the empire Group’s Strong and the first known couple of Felipe Juan Froilán de Marichalar. The influencer has cut his long hair, although it continues to hold below the shoulders. “It’s definitely what mine are follies,” said the young man in a history of Instagram (videos, fotografáis or messages that remain public for 24 hours) as he held his pigtail cut off.

Pablo Rivero

“Like I’ve gone a little hand”, has commented on Instagram Pablo Rivero, who has not been very pleased with the result, as has been made clear: “The only good haircut is that now you don’t you look at the gray hairs of the beard”. Despite this, the actor has thanked the messages of their followers that have been compared with the characters of the series Peaky Blinders and Vikingsalthough he looks more like one of the hyenas from the movie The lion king.

Taika Waititi

The director of the film Jojo Rabbit, for which he received an Oscar for Best screenplay, adapted, let his daughters peinaran. However, Taika Waititi gave them an electric razor, so the result was a disaster and eventually had to raparse completely. “If you want a fascinating experience, you just need to teach them a new skill such as combing hair. It’s fun. For a few 10-minute,” he told the filmmaker with irony.

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