Salma Hayek teaches how to make Easter eggs a la mexicana


On this occasion Salma Hayek shared a fun recipe, via Instagram, to prepare Easter eggs of chocolate mexican-style, with what the veracruzana joined the famous dedicated to make have a good time to their fans.

“To entertain, here are a few recipes of chocolates made in house, to enjoy with your family this Easter. Happy Easter!!”. Salma Hayek, actress

The ingredients to match the recipe Salma Hayek are the following:

  • Tequila
  • Water
  • Pepper
  • Dark Chocolate and milk
  • Sugar
  • Nuts

According to Salma Hayekfirst melt the sugar in a bowl and add the nuts; then, cut them into small pieces. Subsequently, melts the milk chocolate in bain-marie, always with the flame low. After, stir to make the consistency somewhat liquid.

When you have the chocolate, pour into the mold a little deep, like the make use Salma Hayek in the video; remember to put the nuts and sugar, previously prepared, to be able to have the egg shape.

See the recipe of easter eggs style Salma Hayek in the video below:

  • In the video, Salma Hayek looks very happy when you make the recipe; the strokes with the roller will not go unnoticed because the da with enough force to break the nuts.

For the contingency world for the new coronavirusmany people perform a quarantine in their homes, and the famous are no exception, so many of them put videos, challenges, or sing to try to amuse their followers.

  • Last week, Shakira prepared brownies, but it was burned down; nevertheless, I tried again and got it.

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