Sheinbaum alert on increase of hospitalized severe COVID-19


The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, warned on Sunday about the increase of hospitalized severe in the capital by COVID-19 and insisted on asking the people who attend to the recommendations of distancing to avoid further contagions.

In hospitals of the City of Mexico, public and private, mentioned Sheinbaum, the number of intubated by COVID-19 or suspicion of COVID-19 went from 128 to 265 in a span of 10 days.

The number of hospitalized does not grow exponentially, he continued, depends on further social distancing measures.

“Some people are still assisting with the family food shopping, or have taken advantage of to make for family gatherings, massive, without realizing that they are putting at risk the lives of their loved ones,” said the governor’s capital.

Until Saturday in the City of Mexico had the record of 49 people killed by COVID-19.

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