So would be the poster most iconic of the film with the social distancing


Curb the pandemic of the coronavirus not only get to stay at home, we also have to apply social distancing, come on, stop touching each other. Or two kisses if we find the neighbor walking the dog, or to our friend in the supermarket, or to hug your grandma when you go to take the purchase. Not to be touched. And for that the thing is clear, the magazine Little White Lies to applied the don’t touch me the posters are more iconic than some movies and now Jack and Rose, can no longer be scrubbing in ‘Titanic’ or Woody Allen and Diane Keaton share bank in ‘Manhattan’.

'Titanic' with breakdowns in social

Between the posters that have been reinvented are also ‘a star is born’, ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and even ‘Jaws’ where the shark seems to be weighing their chances of getting the swimmer. The only good thing of not being able to become or take a few vinitos is that Hollywood is looking for new ways to entertain us and multiply increasingly in emissions from the home of the famous where interview between them, or simply teach us what is the confinement from a mansion. John Krasinski has created a kind of noticieron called ‘Some Good News’ that you can follow in YouTube and Miley Cyrus has mounted its own show on Instagram where he has already caught up with Demi Lovato and Emily Osment.

Posters of movies with social distancing

1 ‘At the end of the getaway’

8 ‘A star is born’

The perfect distance

If you are one of those people toconas you are hoping that this will put an end to get to embrace people, we understand that like to take all this a little too regularly, but really, keep the social distance is not so difficult and for demostrátelo is already Wes Anderson, the king of the pastel colors and the perfect frames. The YouTube channel of Little White Lies has been marked also a video with pieces of Anderson’s movies that exemplifies how to respect the living space of each, maybe a little too much, but at least none of your characters pillará the coronavirus