Successful premiere digital Trolls World Tour”


Los Angeles.- “Trolls World Tour” he had the best premiere digital of all the times over the weekend, said on Monday Universal Pictures.

The sequel animated, with the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrickwas number 1 on all major platforms, including Apple, Amazon and Comcast.

FandangoNow he also said that the premiere of “Trolls World Tour” helped the service to have its best weekend, and that was his movie more in charge in advance to the date.

“Trolls World Tour” is the first tape of a large study that came to the digital platforms on the same day of its premiere film, due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

It is also exhibited in 21 autocines that have remained open.

Most of the traditional cinemas have been closed indefinitely, forcing studios to postpone premieres several months.

Many films that were already in vogue, such as “The Hunt” and “Emma” from Universal, are now available in digital format for purchase or rental.

“Trolls World Tour” was a separate case to keep your release date. Not provided specific figures.

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The past February 28, 2017, Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation got to know that they would do a sequel of the movie “Trolls” in 2016, with Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake repeating their roles as Poppy and Branch.

The first single from the soundtrack of the film, “The Other Side”of Timberlake and SZA, was released on February 26, 2020. “The Trolls World Tour: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” was released on march 13, 2020.

A brief synopsis of the film notes that “in this new adventure you will meet trolls as Chaz, a troll who loves jazz, to Hickory, a troll who loves country music, to Trollzart, the troll of the classical music, in addition to the Essence, the queen of funk, or Trollex, the king of techno. Of course everything is complicated when Barb, the queen of the trolls rockers, decides to destroy all music that is not rock”.