Superhero Bits: the production of ‘Black Adam’ may be delayed, how he was offered to Don Cheadle War Machine and more


How much time Don cheadle you have to decide whether he would accept the role of Machine of war? Do you want to learn how to draw? Spider-man an artist of Marvel? Who is Samuel L. JacksonFavorite s Avenger? that step with George Miller‘S Justice league: Mortal? It will be Korg find the love in Thor: love and thunder? Could the X Men making his debut in the MCU in a Spider-man 3 scene credits? All that and more in this edition of Bit superhero.

Here is a Spider-man drawing lesson from the creative director of themed entertainment Marvel, Brian Crosby!

Samuel L. Jackson says its a member favorite The Avengersin addition Nick Fury, it is in reality Black widow.

Look at what The flash looks like a black suit in this photo Grant Gustin to share a session of garment assembly.

Specialist Jesse LaFlair revealed how to Sophie TurnerDouble trick to Phoenix Dark he broke his leg on the set.

Star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Elizabeth Olsen you sit down to read a story of Easter from Toy Story to help pass the time.

Dwayne Johnson says production in Adam black you may be pushed to the end of August, possibly in September.

Conceptual artist Constantine Sekeris shared this look tremendously different to Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

Chris Pratt confirmed Star-Lord dropping the orb Guardians of the Galaxy In reality, it was improvised.

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