The before and after of Haley Joel Osment, the boy from “Sixth sense”

It is common that the “children star” Hollywood, have a bump in their careers when they pass to the adult stage. This is the case of Haley Joel Osment, whom we saw as Cole Sear in the movie Sixth Senseat the side of Bruce Willis.

After his great performance as a child with supernatural powers, Osment gained recognition in the film industry and even managed an Oscar nomination as Best supporting Actor for this role.

However, growing up we lost track of him, until it recently emerged from the shadows, already very changed. In we present the before and after of Haley Joel Osment, who today is 32 years.

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The fame of Haley Joel Osment

When he played Cole, Haley was only 11 years old. Before this film, only had a small role in Forrest Gump (1994), as the son of the protagonist. Also had shares in several commercial from four years.

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After the Oscar nomination had a good run, with participation in the films Chain of favors (2000) and A. I. artificial Intelligence (2001).

Movie Chain of favors. Photo: Warner Brothers

The fall of Haley Joel Osment

In his teenage years, Haley withdrew from the screens and concentrated on his studies. Remained active as a voice actor in the video game series Disney Kingdom heartsin which he played Sora.

Everything was in a tailspin when I was 18 and had a car accident. In addition to breaking a rib in the crash, the actor tested positive in the breathalyzer and found marijuana in his belongings, so he was arrested and subsequently subjected to probation.

These problems are added to her weight gain, which has been highly criticized. The face, angelic child actor had simply disappeared.

The rebirth of Haley Joel Osment

Recently, Haley Joel Osment has resumed with force in his career. What we saw in the series Silicon Valley and The Spoils of Babylon, in 2014.

Then she had a secondary role in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, the biopic of Ted Bundy starring Zac Efron. In this production gave life to Jerry, the co-worker Liz.

In her most recent role saw him as a Mesmer in the series The Boys. In this production gave life to a child star on the decline, with many similarities to his real life.

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