The daughter of actor Will Smith accepts that he lived in a world of addictions


Willow Smith, the daughter of the famous actor Will Smith, is sincere and from the bottom of his heart he speaks of his addictions in the Network program Table Talk, which leads her mom, and where he was the guest speaker.

Willow Smith accepts that he was involved in the world of addictions. Before his mother, and publicly confessed that he was addicted to marijuana and it also recognizes that affected her life having been consumed.

The Network program Table Talk was broadcast by Facebook and Willo referred to the difficult times you went through when you smoked marijuana.

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According to reports in various news portals, Willow, who is 19 years of age, confessed that it has been 3 months without smoking marijuana and feels happy about it.

Now, Willow has thought about life, about what you really want to achieve in it, and many other things more in which previously not thought.

The young man has understood finally that consuming marijuana is not the led to nothing good and only was hurting a lot emotionally.

When I quit smoking was a great revelation. There are so many people that I called friends that I drifted away. Really made me think: ‘is This really interesting?’”.

Jada Pinkett Smith, mother of Willow and wife of Will Smith, revealed to her daughter that she is a witness that saw what evil was every time I consumed marijuana. The effects were simply terrifying.

Willow asked the audience to ever occur to you to try marijuana, because the consequences of eating them can be terrible.

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