the director of Thor downed the return of Iron Man

The director of Thor: Love and Thunder, Taika Waititti, committed, perhaps without realizing it, one of the spoilers for biggest in the Universe Cinematrográfico of Marval (UMC) when in a live Instagram showed a part of the script of the film of the God of Thunder, in which reference is made to Iron Man and his return.

If you did not see Avengers Endgame, sorry for the spoiler but it already passed a year of its premiere, at the end of that movie, Iron Man (Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr) is sacrificed in order to end up with Thanos and his army. But in the script that showed Waititti the millionaire playboy would be alive.

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“Hi everyone! I’m back baby”, was one of the phrases that you mentioned the superhero, in addition to emphasize the point that Thanos was also alive and that they had to collect up to the Avengers to defeat him. All of that was in evidence when the director of Thor showed some of the pages of the script from which almost nothing was known.

In addition, he left some of the “concept art” of some characters. This is the way that it was designed for the film and the changes that may come to arise.

However, taking into account the seriousness with which Marvel handled the leak, several started to think that it was a marketing gambit to raise the publicity of the film.

Is that something like this happened with the actor who plays Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, and the name of Endgame. It is worth to remember that Ruffalo was in vivo in a late nigth show where leaked the name of the movie which has generated an idea and forth on Twitter between the producer and director, Josh Wedon, and he. This exchange quickly became viral.

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The decision to kill Stark had his reason behind the contract of the actor he wanted to find new bearings. Something similar happened with Chris Evans, who played during the whole saga of Captain America.

It is for this reason that the mega spoilers, perhaps it is a way for Marvel to tell us that they came to an agreement to that Downey Jr. is back to put the suit of iron.


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