the effects and tricks of their movies in real action


The remakes of Disney

Few things are “recycled” are generating more profits than the famous remakes of Disney. The factory returned to give the nail on the head when you return to gamble filled by these films in live-action of their classics, and today it is unlikely anyone who has not seen (or at least known) films such as The Lion king, 101 Dalmatians or Alice in the country of the Wonders.

In all of them moves a great animated story that we all know of the “real world” and the characters are “flesh and bone”, thus helping to rescue frames that never go out of fashion, which operate in all the ages and at the same time we offer a new perspective and more close to the reality. Such is so in the top 20 of the movies highest grossing of the history of the house we find several proposals of this type (The Lion king it is the fourth, nor more nor less), demonstrating that the public loves this format.


That these films roll with people does not mean that it is not used other kinds of resources. In fact, in these films there is more technology and special effects that never needed to be endowing to the movies that touch of “magic” and fantasy that makes them so special. To give you a better idea of the work that is behind it, we now have a video “Behind the scenes” of some of the well-known titles.

The Behind The Scenes of Disney

The famous half american Insider has been in charge of making this brief review of some of the tricks that exist behind the scenes of the films in the actual action of the company. The video lasts a little over 8 minutes, but it is enough to see what there is behind such films as Mulan or Maleficent.

In the first, film even without brand-new, particularly yes, all the opposite: the physical work that there is also behind these shootings, pointing out that the actress did 90% of the scenes of the scenes of action, releasing for months with the sword. In The jungle book (2026), and enter the magic of CGI, used to create more than 70 different species of animals, in addition to getting “feats” such as the fact that some can talk like a human and be as natural as possible. What a curious of the shooting? The child protagonist filmed all of the scenes in him alone (with the presence of extras that bring the movement to the work PC, yes), because it spends the whole movie surrounded by animals created digitally.

The lion kingThe Lion king (2019), one of the great exitazos of recent times also owes a lot to the experience The jungle bookit , of course. The dedication to make this movie as close as possible to the reality is in the details as Rafiki. While in the animated movie, we all have engraved the image of the character of foot lifting with your arms at a Simba newborn, in the version in real action, so does sitting. Why? Because the cores may not actually adopt this stance.

Lady and Tramp Disney Plus

In Lady and the Tramp (2019) many of the dogs were created by CGI, however, the two protagonists are royal dogs. This complicated things a lot (by very clever and obedient they are our beloved pets, do not cease to be animals with which it is complicated to do certain actions) to such an extent that the famous scene of the two eating spaghetti took the film crew three days. By the way, is not pasta: instead ate a species of strips wet in chicken broth, more resistant and, above all, much more palatable for them.


The work in Dumbo (2019) was also based on a lot of work of computer, although as you’ll see, they made use of specialists dressed in green to help recreate the movement. Also in Aladdín (2019) needed the support of CGI, but to avoid abuse of him, dressed up for example the actor who plays Genius (Will Smith) with a special suit that is in charge of capturing the movement. Also this movie, they explained, they played with the frames per second to achieve different types of effects in the action scenes.

In Maleficent: Mistress of evil (2029) it is mainly very curious about the tricks used to make you fly to the characters. In addition to the use of cables (let’s say that the traditional method), we employed a species of structures with the shape of a fork moved by extras that helped to provide a better realism in the scenes especially in which he flew more than one character at a time. It is very curious to see as well as the resources employed for example for the synchronized movement of the wings of the protagonist.

Beauty and the Beast

Between both special effect we can’t stop talking about other remakes that more success has had in the box office: Beauty and the Beast (2017). The actor responsible for giving life to the Beast, dan Stevens, he wore almost the whole movie a suit of motion capture is similar to that of Will Smith in Aladdín, that helped after to transform it into a creature, it is huge but “realistic” that interacted in a natural way with Bella. Despite the resources, stand out in this film the scenery is real that is built for the filming or the locker room, which got quite a bit of attention.

The video is in English (it is the reason why l that we have tried to make a summary of each film to be shown) but it has subtitles (in English too). Without a doubt, it is well worth seeing. All yours.