The enthusiasm of Robert Downey Jr. when you discover that Britney Spears is a fan


Dolittle | Trailer subtitled – Source: Youtube


Social networks are curious links. People who do not know are engaging in dialogues at a distance, or even to form groups of fans who debate around some beloved object. And in the last few days, two of the biggest Hollywood celebrities crossed their paths through Instagram, they are the artist and pop icon

Britney Spears

and the actor

Robert Downey Jr.

Recently, the singer posted on her Instagram a photo of

Doctor Dolittle

the last film in Downey Jr, and wrote an endless amount of compliments: “oh, This is a film that is mandatory! Robert Downey Jr. it is so genuine in his role that one cannot avoid getting hooked. The animals are very funny, and the film has a tone very special that today it is difficult to find. So if you see it and fall in love with your clothing, not obsesionen as happened to me. Simply remember that this is a man who can talk with animals, and that is brilliant.” Finally, and after his affectionate words with the film,

Britney confessed: “I have Already lost count of all the films I’ve seen in this quarantine!”.

The message reached the ears of the actor, and true to their style, the star published a text very simple thanks to the singer. In your account of Instagram, Downey Jr. he wrote:”

Activities for this quarantine: “1_ Listen to Britney. 2_ I Listen to Britney!”.

As happens with many of the messages the actor left in your account of Instagram, the messages from his fans asking him to return to


were not long in coming. Meanwhile,

will have to wait until the 5 of November, by which date they rescheduled the premiere of Black Widow in Argentina

to discover if you through a flash back Iron Man will return to the screen in a film from Marvel.