the new movie from Fede Alvarez


If there is something that you have uruguayan director based in Hollywood, Federico Álvarez, are projects in the folder. Both on his own as with his production company, Bad Man, the filmmaker has been linked in recent times to multiple projects in the city of american film, from a horror story set in the White House, a remake of Mazethat film fantasy starring David Bowie.

To that list of projects is now added 16 states, a film of horror with a theme that connects with the current times, and that for that reason generated a war of studies, while they all tried to get the rights of the script to capitalize on the current interest for viral diseases and pandemics.

Is that what it is about the film, though with a twist fantastic usual in the genre: zombies. 16 states it is the story of a mother, who fear an invasion of the undead caused by a virus, it must embark on the journey back to his family, in the middle of the infected area. The news, published by the specialized portal The Hollywood Reporter, compares it with the movie starring Will Smith, I am legend.

The link viral in these times of coronavirus did that in just over a week since the script was introduced to generate a bidding war, which won the studio Lionsgate. Álvarez, and the uruguayan Rodolfo Sayagués shall serve also as producers.

In case of being before its other projects, 16 states it will mark not only the return of Alvarez to the cinema of terror, but also his return to cinema after directing the adaptation of the fourth part of the saga Millennium in 2018. The uruguayan is also working on the script Do not breathe 2, sequel to his movie, 2016 that will be directed by Sayagués, and in the new version of Maze.