THE Originals, the documentary from Netflix that reveals to the pioneers of hip hop


The offer on Netflix for fans of hip-hop is generous and varied and ranges from the series The Get Down up the fantastic docuserie Hip Hop Evolution. Now, they have a new title to add to your favorites, THE Originals.

Yes, this documentary original of the streaming platform not starring any rapper known no less to the producer of fashion.

On the contrary, what makes this record is to show the history of two pioneers of hip hop perhaps most diehard fans know it, but they are two complete anonymous to the general public.

They are the photographer Estevan Oriol and the tattoo artist Mister Cartoontwo legends of the slum districts of California, THE Originals that are referenced in the title of this documentary.

A few unknown to the world, but all of a few geniuses to artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hillwho full of praise to these pioneers of arte chicano.

These are THE Originals

Oriol and Cartoon they have many things in common: they are descendants of mexicans, grew up in the slums of Los Angeles, California, and both are fascinated with the hip hop scene that was thriving in the streets.

The first broke photographing the street culture of the city and he soon moved on to portraying the tours of such groups as House of Pain and Cypress Hill, who became manager.

Instead of the Cartoon he was more of the graphic art and ended up as a tattoo artist, inspired both by the iconography of hip-hop and how the art that came out of the prisons.

It was a matter of time that their paths will come together and well spent, obtaining friends and partners creative. So much so, that together they opened on Skid Row, a slum area a few blocks away from the glamour of Beverly Hills, the Soul Assassins Studio.

There broke his legend, a place where all those who were someone in the rap wanted to go to tattooing and to be photographed.

And in the study also lived their best days. From Beyonce up Justin Timberlakepassing by Erykah Badu, Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera, Nas, and Pharrell is tatuaron with the Cartoon, while Eminem, Kim Karadashian50 Cent and up to Robert De Niro posed for the lens of Oriol.

In fact, this last is the director of THE Originals, a documentary that at times bores the list of the stars who passed through its legendary study.

But it gets more interesting in the final stretch, when documenting the rawness of The streets of los Angelesthe poverty, gangs, violence and addictions.

Also when it records and displays chicano art of the 90’s and its impact on the worldthat left footprints in places as far away as Japan, where thousands of young people adopted his iconography and aesthetic.

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