The pandemic pushed the digital conversion of an industry of the disc divided


“With the closure of the shops, we had to stop factories because there was no way to serve the product. Therefore, we have postponed releases that may be relevant in terms of sales of physical units and others in process of manufacture”, explains to Efe Jose Maria Barbat, president of Sony Music Iberia.

Between the discs retarded by the Covid-19 include those of Alicia Keys (out may 15), The 1975 (may 22), Alanis Morissette (may 22), Rufus Wainwright (July 10), The Pretenders (17 July), as well as Sam Smith, Haim, CNCO or, above all, Lady Gaga, whose Chromatica should have been released this Friday.

“If there is an occasion to be useful as artists is this, accompanying people in distress and boredom”, he argued, Juan Alberto Martinez, of Children-Mutants, with the recent release of his album.

The ethics of artistic was the reason that made also the british Dua Lipa to anticipate a week the output of Future Nostalgiaa gesture between tears that one interpreted by the emotion of the moment and other for the filtration hours before the album in full, which made it inoperative your deferment.

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In the last few weeks came out more albums important that currently reign in lists, such as J Balvin, The Weeknd or Childish Gambino, in addition to a stream of songs inspired by the confinement. The most extreme case would be that of the british Charli XCX, the may 15 launch How I’m feeling now, album composed and recorded during this period.

Why some yes and others not? Some artists are more dependent on routines and traditional formats of the industry. Exemplified to perfection the lists of successes of Spanish, with very few matches between the top 10 bestselling albums in physical format (digital downloads are anecdotal) and the albums most listened to in streaming.

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For the first week of the launch is particularly strategic because of the novelty and parallel events such as showcases or signatures of disks that stimulate sales. After, that effect is diluted, usually in a context of strong competition.

The coronavirus, however, was a “ko” to that market and, although some of the distributors strong continue to send orders through their websites, in cases such as Amazon are not buying their funds in the country of reference, so that do not count, nor in his lists or in his account.

The streaming, the option that raised the global numbers after the debacle of piracy, was also in the shelter in front of the coronavirus, especially for jobs that appeal to younger audiences, see the own Dua Lipa or urban music.

“It is inevitable that we focus on artists and genres that are successful in digital, but you have to be careful, because that can change as fast as do the contracts with these platforms. Right now, it encourages the mass consumption based on the reproductions, but the urban music has a shorter travel, more of today. It is our responsibility not to abandon the diversity”, prevents Barbat.

In this regard, attention is called to the fact that one of the catalogs that more are moving in these dates is the El Canto del Loco, a band of Spanish pop that disappeared long before streaming was a reality.

“Nothing will be as before the crisis,” says Barbat, who predicts “a profound change in habits that eliminate the reluctance that may be the digital consumer, so that it becomes a reality, cross-cutting not only focuses on the young”.

Although the data ended up stabilize and rebound slightly, reached between a 8 and a 11% reduction in traffic world-hacking tools like Spotify in the early weeks of confinement, in favour of other leisure activities in the home and by the abolition of the travel to work and school.

A recent report of Promusicae it also noted that the recording industry could lose at least 100 billion euros by 2020, Italy estimated similar losses and in the Uk a study has revealed that the pandemic could have cost close to 23 billion euros to the musicians.

Well it is true that the drop in consumption has not affected the platforms of video streaming such as Youtube, is very much promoted by their consumption more family-friendly, with an overall growth of 12-15%. “But we talk about the business supported by advertising; the revenues are now on the ground, so it is expected a larger gap between the consumption and retribution”, prevents Barbat.

“This situation has hit all a kick in the ass and has commanded us to 100 km from our area of comfort, so that we will have to explore new places if we want to survive”, stresses Carlos Galán on the landscape that will stop this crisis.

Source: EFE