The social network Tik Tok is gaining popularity during the isolation |

Adults and advertisers have begun to discover TikTok in the middle of the containment measures, promoting this popular social network that until recently was a playground of fun child.

Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, in addition to Jane Fonda, 82-year-old, are flocking to the platform of the chinese company ByteDance to publish short videos (maximum of 60 seconds, although usually 15 seconds).

Many adults are discovering this phenomenon that the children talk about for months.

After receiving a video sent to your friends, Cecile, you downloaded the app while it lives its own enclosure, and then used it with his two sons of 6 and 3 years.

“I said, ‘well, it’s something fun you could do with the kids to pass the time, if only for a quarter of an hour,’” said the executive of the Paris region.

The social networks during the quarantine

The use of social networks has grown during the confinement, but TikTok, that was before the pandemic on the full increase, is doing better than other platforms.

With 65 million downloads in the world in march, according to the specialized site SensorTower, the application which had 800 million users in January (according to DataReportal), is about 1,000 million, although the site itself does not provide figures.

TikTok has the advantage of not requiring clean environments, places of holiday idyllic, as is the case with Instagram, which today are inaccessible for the majority, explains Thibault Le Ouay, founder of the company Pentos, which accompanies brands on their marketing strategy on the platform.

Tik Tok also tells about the Covid-19

TikTok also created an information page of the COVID-19, fed with information from the World Health Organization (who), which, among other things, seeks to discredit “various myths” of the virus.

Information: AFP

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