‘The Sun’ transforms to the figures of the football in women

While we wrote this headline: “‘The Sun’ transforms to the figures of the football in women’, before adding FaceApp, we realised that it could lead to a nice confusion. Anyone would have thought that a newspaper as important as the English had taken advantage of the quarantine to point to the great female figures of the football. But the reality is that we talk about a fitting funny with the famous FaceApp and that, beyond the american Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo, a few “figures of the football,” are women without the use of a photo-montage.

While we hope that, in the future, we can speak of a similar theme, but backwards, transforming the female stars in men, we are satisfied with this, the truth is, quite a fun session. In it are figures current as Messi and Christian together footballers retired as Ronaldinho or coaches like Mourinho and Klopp. And the truth is that when were testing we don’t we were so good (except the Mbappé, which is awful).

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