the ‘youtuber’ make-up than the Kardashians


Or Kylie Jenner, not Kim Kardashian. The name most influential in matters of makeup is… James Charles, a youtuber of 20 years that has overtaken the sisters most famous of the reality tv show. According to a study carried out by the web Flawless.orgJames Charles is the ‘influencer or celebrity’ most searched on Google to find inspiration for makeup. Yes, the Kardashian’s are accumulating hundreds of millions of followers in the networks and thanks to their brands of cosmetics knead fortunes, however, it seems that has gone out a strong competitor. 4 years ago, the new yorker, he went up his first tutorial for makeup on Youtube and since then has recruited to 17.9 million subscribersin all , nearly 10 million more than it has Kylie has in his. How has got this guy beat the billionaire made herself younger the world according to Forbes? In addition to his talent for beauty and their looks of make-up ends, James has been involved in some polemics with other heavy-weights of the community beauty, Tati Westbrook and Jefree Star, a conflict which he himself explained in his platform through a video that already has 49 million views. So is the influencer that turns everything it touches into viral.

James Charles influencer

In addition to a makeover on the the contouring and fake eyelashes, staring from the looks of the journal up to red carpet events, his passion for wigs it is another of those tastes which he shares with the Kardashian sisters. Since he started his channel, Charles has not hesitated to show her own style and has already collaborated with artists like Iggy Azalea, Kesha and even Kylie Jenner, who maquilló to your Halloween party in 2018. Thanks to its success, the youtuber not only has become one of the most sought after Google surpassing the billion of results in the pagebut that achieved the status of celebrity last year when he was invited to the Met Gala, the most important festival of the fashion industry and in which not counted, for example, with Khloé Kardashian on the guest list.

Like the Kardashian, James Charles also has eye for business and a couple of years ago created a palette of 39 shades of eye shadow along with the brand Morphe – with that in 2019 he pulled out a second edition – which sold out just 10 minutes after its launch. Again, a feat which overtook Kylie, as the lip kits that have become multi-billion dollar disappeared from the stock Kylie Cosmetics 24 hours after you made the sale. All their triumphs adds to the it has managed to stand out in a industry dominated by women, and that millions of girls go to him to learn how to apply makeup is an achievement reserved for very few, such as Manny Gutierrez, Patrick Starrr, Wayne Goss, or Jeffree Star.

James Charles

Thanks to his artistic talent and to not be afraid to be different, James has conquered millions of girls and guys who want to know more about beauty and makeup. The youtuber always start your videos with an energetic “Hey, sisters!” (‘Hello, sister’ in English) and following with videos in which you are applying in a escape roomdares with a tutorial in Spanish, and even arranged according to the advice of their followers. Content is creative, varied and very fun with which has managed to rise up as king of the gurus of beauty.