This will be the millionaire price of the first picture of Meghan Markle and Harry in Los Angeles


At the end of march of this year it was announced that Meghan Markle and prince Harry decided that Canada was not the place to live your new independent stage, away from the United Kingdom, and that preferred to his official residence outside the city hollywood by excellence: The Angels!

So, despite the fact that it was rumored that the duke and duchess of Sussex would have a property in L. A they would use only as a home of rest, Meghan and Harry already reside officially in the united States. But, despite the fact that it has spent weeks in the famous city, until now have not been seen in this place even once.

It is for this reason that the paparazzi that are currently in L. A. competing in the same challenge: I provide the first photo of Meghan and Harry in Los Angeles!

Meghan and Harry are looking for a place here (in California). I have heard that they are interested in Malibu. Getting to know Meghan and talking with her, he misses his home. Meghan is a girl from Los Angeles, born and raised here with lots of links to Hollywood and friends here’, revealed a few months ago an informant to the through Express, which has sparked rumors that possibly the couple has chosen this exclusive beach (where celebs like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have residences to live near Hollywood.