thus has evolved his style


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    Gigi Hadid it takes years to be one of the international models more listed, all an “It Girl” who is vying for the best fashion brands to anticipate the trends that are proposed on the catwalk to showcase their creations, and a whole inspiration both on the red carpet and in street style for the real life. We talked about Gigi Hadid, who, along with his sister Bella and other tops like Cara DeLevigne, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Chryssyy Teigen form the triumvirate of power top. And as each one of them, with a style of its own.

    The style Gigi Hadid we can say that it is like his personality, nothing conventional. Because the supermodel is able to be amazed with a look basic as that you have already taken, is to bet on firms in low cost Spanish (we are not forgotten when we saw the place with a trench coat men’s Mango, or when we were surprised in Coachella with a vest and belt are also from Mango), dazzled on the red carpet with vestidazos of firms with which we can only dream of, or allow ourselves to be ojipláticas with some of their combinations, risky and truly impossible (which it usually work for you).

    If you have not yet made a mental idea of the style of Gigi, who we met in 2012 with skinny jeans torn and their shirts without sleeves aires casual, which reflected the casual style of the twentysomethings around the world in the year of the “animal print”, as it has evolved over the years, in this video you what we discovered.