Tik-Tok and their best styling tips to reinvent your closet


Whether you’ve downloaded Tik Tok in the last few weeks (probably to have something else to do in your free time in the quarantine) or continue resistiéndote to lower it, there is something that is a fact: Tik-Tok is the new app of the moment.

Increasingly more celebs who choose to become tik-tokers (such as Dove Cameron, Thomas Doherty, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Will Smith and Jessica Alba, just to mention a few) and if you still think that this app is not just uploading videos, dancing or imitating some characters you’re in an ERROR!

From recipes to create original and delicious drinks (such as the super trendy ‘Coffee Dalgona’) to beauty trends, Tik-Tok has begun to convert a new benchmark of lifestyle and, if you are a lover of fashion, we’re about to convince you that you can make your side more fashionista without leaving home, and we give a chance to this app!


1. Cool cardigan

There are many tips in this app for use of way more original this traditional sweater buttoned, as abrocharlo in the back to hold on to your buttons ‘evil’ on purpose to achieve an effect of the asymmetrical and relaxed.