To be a teacher of the superhroes


Does not fly, and neither is more fast than a bullet, it can’t load trucks and much less become invisible, but Adriana Barraza is now master of the superhroes that protegern the world in the film.

The mexican actress who participated in Rambo: last blood and Babel, integrates the film We can be heroes directed by Robert Rodrguez, producer of El mariachi and Miniespas, now in posproduccin.

The story starts when a group of aliens comes to Earth and needs someone to protect her at the cost of everything, being the children of the superhroes adults who must take the baton. Grandma Brown as the name of the character, is a seora that has no powers, but trains to all, it’s graceful and strong, making to see that we are all hroes from the inside, tells Barraza.

It is a film beautiful, which reinforces the self-esteem in the family, in children, and they all know how to are the films of Robert, added.

We can be heroes has in its cast, with Pedro Pascal (The mandalorian), Priyanka Chopra (Baywatch: guardians of the baha), Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Yaya Gosselin (13 reasons why), Sung Kang (Fast and furious) and Akira Akbar (Captain Marvel), among others.