To Greta Thunberg leaves competition. Jamie Margolin tamb…

Care Greta, because Jamie Margolin to join the fight against climate change. Although, in reality, seems to be that Jamie was already ahead of you. In fact, in 2017, a year before iniciaras your strike climate and after contemplating the devastating effects of hurricane Marie, in Puerto Rico, Margolin (Seattle, 2001) he founded the group This Is Zero Hour, dedicated to justice climate. I was 15 years old. Margolin complaint now that, as happens with climate change, pandemic coronavirus is preying on the most vulnerable and calls on the countries and the international community to act with the same determination against the warming of the planet and the destruction of nature because when this pandemic end, this crisis will still be there. The former vice president Al Gore has said that “it is among the young activists most powerful and inspiring” and praised his “determination and moral clarity”.

And eye, Greta, who has also published a book. In June will go on sale Youth to Power. Your Voice and How to Use It. Youth to power. Your voice and how to use it. It is a guide for young people who want to become activist or organizers of social movements on any matter. With the experience gained, I said to myself: okay, I have to write a book that would teach those who are younger than me and that want to do the same how you can get involved and how they can be organizers and activists.

Margolin explains that the main focus that they have in their organization is to address the climate crisis from the angle of climate justice. Now we have launched an educational campaign called Going to the roots of climate change, focused precisely on the education of groups in the united States and other countries about the systems of oppression that are root causes of climate change, as capitalism but not only that: also the racism, sexism and colonialism.

The young also gives his opinion on the political situation of his country. Declares to feel sad for the abandonment of Bernie Sanders and, between Biden and Trump says: “I will Vote to Biden, of course, but in a very half-hearted and only because I want out of the White House to Donald Trump. Although the opinion: Biden, do what you have to offer? Passed the campaign saying: “Look, I’m not Trump, and I was the vice president of Obama.” What you listen to and offers nothing. Obama, at least, yes it had to offer. What heardest them and it was different.”

That said, Greta, ponte las pilas. You begin to leave competition… Inthe TWENTY-first century the new Olympus of the fraud global begins to be very populated.

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