Tom Holland: FILTER poster of Spider-man alongside Venom and Carnage Fascinating!

Fans of Spider-man they are anxious to know more of this universe Sony of the villains and secondary characters in the stories of the spider, this after the premiere of the tapes already previously released.

Within that anger the fans have not stopped fantasizing about what it would look like a meeting of the current Spider, played by Tom Hollandwith the Venom of Tom Hardy and the new character of Carnage.

It is noteworthy that up until the moment it is not known that Venom 2 will open the door to Carnage, one of the villains most deadly of Spider-Man and that in this vision of history will be played by Woody Harrelson, who will be the direct antagonist of Tom Hardy.

If we remember the debut of Morbius, starring Jared Leto, is a film that will be part of the universe and which already have leaked details of the set that ensure that we maintain a connection with the tapes of Venom.

The new poster of Spider-man

It is not for less that the fans yearn for that Spider-man of Tom Holland are one with them in a movie future for the big showdown, because they have imagined to such a degree that the user of Instagram ultraraw26 created a poster fanmade of a hypothetical third installment of Venom where are Carnage, Venom and Spider-man together.

It should be noted that the poster would describe the union of Carnage and Venom, but also the corrompimiento of a Spider-man now black has fallen into the clutches of the famous symbiont.

If this were not enough, there is also a second illustration where we can see Tom Holland being the victim of Carnage in which the user describes as “one of the moments most anticipated film of our times”.

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It should be noted that so soon yes it is confirmed that Venom 2 will hit the cinemas on the 2nd of October, while Morbius, starring Jared Leto, arribaría to the cinemas on the 19th of march next year.

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