“Trolls: World Tour” in the living room of your house

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake back in the “Trolls: World Tour,” a sequel with an all-star cast that will have its world premiere in the living room of your house this Friday, April 10.

The sequel of animation DreamWorks will be available on digital platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Xfinity, Fandango Now, Google Play Store, YouTube, and Vudu.

In Puerto Rico, besides the already mentioned digital platforms, the film will be available as part of the programming VOD (Video On Demand) Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico.

In an adventure that will take them beyond all that they know, “Poppy” (Kendrick) and “Branch” (Timberlake) discover they belong to one of six tribes of Trolls that are scattered through six different lands. But that’s not all, because each one of these tribes represents a different musical genre: funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock. The world of “Poppy” and “Branch” is about to get much bigger and much noisier.

A member of the royalty of the rock, “Queen barb” (Rachel Bloom), supported by his father “King Thrash” (Ozzy Osbourne), wants to destroy other types of music, in search of that reign the rock for ever. With the future of the musical world in danger, “Poppy” and “Branch” next to her friends, “Biggie” (James Corden), “Chenille” (Caroline Hjelt), “Satin” (Aino Jawo), “Cooper” (Ron Funches) and “Guy Diamond” (Kunal Nayyar) decide to visit other lands to unite the Trolls in harmony and defeat “Barb”, who is ready to face them all.

As members of the various types of tribal musical, the sequel has enlisted the talents of some of the bands most celebrated in the world. In the world of funk come Mary J. Blige, George Clinton and Anderson Paak. Representing country music come Kelly Clarkson as “Delta Dawn,” Sam Rockwell as “Hickory”, and Flula Borg as the “Dickory”. J Balvin bring the reggaeton to the party, while “Easter Dean” joins to the tribe of pop music. The puerto rican Anthony Ramos brings the rhythm to the tribe of techno music, while Jamie Dornan covers the jazz. The renowned conductor and violinist, Gustavo Dudamel joins the sequel as a “Trollzart” with Charlyne Yi as “Pennywhistle”, both from the land of classical music. Keenan Thompson raps like a troll newborn called “Tiny Diamond”.

To know where you can see Trolls: World Tourvisit the portal WatchTrolls.com or query in the program guide, VOD (Video on Demand) from your current provider of cable tv.

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