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Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are on the front of the long-awaited adaptation, whose production has been paralysed by the coronavirus.

Uncharted is one of the most anxiously awaited films of recent years, but the tape starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg not to find complications on the way. For the moment, confirmed the presence of Holland and Wahlberg and Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Welcome to Zombieland) is in charge of directing it. But it could all change in a few months, as the history of the adaptation of the video game from Naughty Dog has a long way to travel.

The first news about the project date back to 2009, when it was announced that the film was in development for a year and a half. A decade later, the film continues in the air and its release seems ever more distant. Change of directors, signings fall, pandemics that force you to cripple your production… it Seems that there is no problem that does not affect the adaptation of the video game and, if you’ve made a mess, here, we summarize everything you need to know.

What is

It is still early to talk about the plot, since few details have come to light, but thanks to the statements of the actors and team members, we can get an idea. What seems confirmed is that the film has been inspired in the fourth game of the series, The outcome of the thief. In this installment, Drake is enjoying his retirement when he embarks on the search for the lost treasure of the pirate Henry Avery next to Sully. It is clear that it will not be an adaptation directly, as it is also known that it will focus on a young Nathan Drake, and will serve as a tape source, but it is possible that environment in any of their locations or in your style.

A coming and going of directors

Since Sony Pictures began work on the adaptation, the project has seen an endless list of principals that came and went without get on with it. Between them, David O. Russell (The great scam american), Neil Burger (The Upside), Seth Gordon (Baywatch: Los vigilantes de la playa), Shawn Levy (There you like the most) or Dan Trachtenberg (Street Cloverfield 10). All of them have contributed their bit to the movie without getting in a definitive way, whether due to problems of agenda or creative differences. So we come to the current, Ruben Fleischer, who joined at the beginning of the year. His involvement is yet to be see, because even we could see more changes in this sense.

In terms of the writers, have followed the same path. Mark Boal (On hostile ground), David O. Russell (The good side of things), Thomas Dean Donnelly (Sahara), Joshua Oppenheimer (Sahara), David Guggenheim (The guest), Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley have also worked on the script without the final. Finally, it seems that Joe Carnahan is the chosen one to sign the final version.

A cast fixed

In the distribution there has been so many changes and, interestingly, Mark Wahlberg he has been involved since 2010, almost from the beginning. At his side will be Tom Holland, whose involvement was confirmed in 2017 and who has also remained on board against wind and tide. Around her, dozens of rumors and requests from fans, who demanded so strongly to Nathan Fillion in the lead role that came to make a film ‘fan made’.

In addition, the tape will have a Spanish touch, as at the beginning of march he jumped the news that Antonio Banderas had joined the cast in a role still unconfirmed.

‘Uncharted’: Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in this fun-filled ‘fan film’

The Indiana Jones of a new generation

Although the script has gone through so many hands, and the film has lost its way a couple of times left without a director, it seems that there is an idea that has become fixed in the computer: Uncharted must be the Indiana Jones of the new generation. For years is repeated this comparison and, although it may power the bar very high, at least help the followers to get an idea of the type of film you are carrying out.

“[Va sobre] Sully and him getting to know, trying to not only take advantage of one another, but also starting to form a team and build that relationship. It’s going to be very cool. When I read, I felt that I was reading Indiana Jones or The secret of Thomas Crown“declared Mark Wahlberg in march.

Stoppage by the coronavirus and new release date

In recent years, almost from the signing of Tom Holland, the film seemed to go at a good pace of production, but has been delayed by the last of the complications: the pandemic of coronavirus. Like many titles, the team has had to stall the shoot and any kind of preparation before the expansion of the virus. Interestingly, the quarantine have been caught when, finally, I was going to start the recording, as stated by Holland: “We turned up the first day of filming and stopped it”.

This delay could mean a longer wait time on the part of the fans. And not just because of the quarantine. Don’t forget that Holland is also preparing to premiere the third installment of Spider-Man, whose filming was planned for the next month of July. The actor will need to coordinate his agenda in the remainder of the year to be able to reach all of their commitments.

Despite the fact that, in the beginning, we could see the adventures of Nathan Drake on the big screen in December of this year, his new release date is scheduled -for the moment – for October 2021.

Source: ScreenRant