What becomes Meghan Markle at the cinema? The Megxit has moved to Hollywood with plans


Megxit is taking a direction that no one expected. When the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, announced they would renounce as high-ranking members of the british royal family, many assumed that would be taken away to Canada. Revealed that they wanted a life much more quiet and private, away from the constant rumors and scrutiny of the press and the british public.

Although the couple lived in the island of Vancouver, Canada, in the months following his announcement that led to its commitments actual end, her next step surprised everyone. Shortly before the closing of the borders between the U.S. and Canada, the Sussex is moved to its permanent base in Los Angeles, California.

THE is the home town of the duchess, and we know that the duchess seeks a complete financial independence of the royalty. However, Los Angeles seems to put them at the center of attention in the U.S. In fact, new details about the foundation Sussexes Archewell and the powerhouse team of Hollywood prove that his new life will not be so private or quiet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have deliberately chosen Los Angeles as their new base

Although it may seem confusing from the inside, the Sussexos were very deliberate in choosing Los Angeles as a base of the united States. In fact, although they are currently in quarantine at a complex in Hollywood, have sights set on a mansion for $ 18 in Malibu for your residence.

“Harry and Meghan have left Canada for ever,” said an alleged source to the Sun. “The borders were closed and flights stopped. They had to leave. But this change was planned a long time ago. They realized that Canada would not work for various reasons and they want to have their base in the Los Angeles area”. They have a great support network there. It is where his new team of agents from Hollywood and public relations, and business managers have their base. Meghan has many friends there, and of course his mother Doria”.

However, this transfer from The Angels may be no more than a return of Sussex to an aquarium.

The couple have a lot of plans for your new foundation Archewell

Although the duo has not officially launched its foundation Archewell due to the coronavirus, we know they have big plans for it.

“Like you, our focus is on supporting the efforts to tackle the global pandemic of OVID-19, but with the emergence of this information, we feel compelled to share the story of how this came to be”, they shared the Sussex in a statement. “Before the SussexRoyal, the idea of ‘Ark’, the Greek word that means ‘source of action’. We join to this the concept for the charity that we hoped to build one day, and became the inspiration for the name of our son. Do something meaningful, do something that matters. Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for the force and the action, and one that evokes the deep resources that each one of us must use.

According to the documentation of the brand, Archewell could be anything, from films to podcasts, clothes to charity, including seminars, conferences, and retreats online.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have assembled a powerhouse team of Hollywood

Meghan Markle and prince Harry

Continuing, Buckingham Place and the royal family will not make statements about the Sussexos. The couple has assembled his own team of high level for this new phase of their lives.

The new team of Sussex includes an agent, a commercial agent, a lawyer and a public relations company. Nick Collins of the Agency’s Gersh, who has represented celebrities like Tobey Maguire and Jamie Foxx, is in charge of the offers of tv, film or charity. Andrew Meyer, who directs Freemark Financial, is the mentor of the business plans of Meghan. Then the lawyer of Sussex, Rick Genow, graduated Harvard. It is considered one of the best lawyers in Hollywood, which is responsible for the legal affairs of Meghan. The public relations firm Sunshine Sachs is in charge of the advertising of the partner.

It seems that the Sussex are fully prepared to go to Hollywood.