What better than ‘Nailed It!’? The reality shows that you can watch on Netflix


In addition to having great shows and movies, Netflix has managed to extend its catalogue and to have very good “reality” shows, the contents of which are proven that are to the liking of the people, as some of them are external and a few others own the platform, if you are one of those people who can spend days watching them enjoy this list the reality shows that you can watch on Netflix.

‘Nailed It!’, it is one of the productions most successful within the platform in our country, to such a degree, that they were in the need of producing a version solely and for our country.

‘The Final Table’

One of the best contests of Netflix and great competition dining, unlike other competitions, here the participants are professional chefs, all of which pass through many filters in order to compete. In its first season had 10 chapters, in which versions appear in the contest in different countries such as: Mexico, Brazil, Spain, among others.

‘Million Pound Menu’

Another the reality shows that you can watch on Netflix and that has to do with cuisine, although in this case not only a question of being inside of her, as different chefs should get it not only to surprise the palate, they should also have fresh ideas and be able to design a restaurant in order to convince investors that it will approve or disqualify you, the best you will achieve the dream of having his own restaurant in Manchester.

‘Next in Fashion’

We went from the kitchen to the fashion, as this contest Netflix aims to find the next great designer. There are 18 contestants that the highlight will not be novices and will fight for win 250 thousand dollars that will serve to promote their brands or to open his first store.

‘Glow Up’

We are still in the world of fashion but now with the makeup, because in this production, not only will you have fun, you’ll be able to steal design of the best makeup artists in the world. In this contest different experts in makeup, face complicated challenges to overcome, as not only should do makeup for a catwalk, also for film, television, and in different eras of history.

‘Skin Wars’

We follow the line of the makeup, but now we go a level above, because here the designers are of body paint, and really what they do is art in the human body. It is one of the most original that we can see, as they decided to not only stay in fashion and makeup, if you do not experience with a topic little explored but more interesting.

‘Sugar Rush’

Like Nailed It! It is made for lovers of desserts, only that this time will be professionals who are in front of the screen, and that just means that we can use to make great ideas if one day we want to get to prepare great dishes of sugar.

‘Back with the Ex’

We leave the kitchen to go to loving relationships, because in this reality two people which were partner decide to get a second chance and have another appointment that will take place in a house. Sometimes it works and sometimes not, but what we guarantee is a lot of drama and confusion in all the chapters. And don’t think it is a teen program, as there are couples of all ages.

‘The Circle’

One of the newer formats and with greater success talking about reality shows. Here we can see 10 strangers coming to a building where each one will live in an apartment, but not be able to see or share more than a screen. The goal is to become popular on social networks, either saying the truth or lies, they themselves are eliminated until all that remains is a winner.

Don’t miss out the reality shows that you can watch on Netflixbecause that will give you hours and hours of entertainment, or we’ll leave you our list of the best series Spanish for you to spend a day of marathon.