What there began the MCU? Tony Stark helped create one of the villains of the original trilogy of Spider-Man

The character of Spider-Man has had a large number of appearances within the film, the most recent is in the hands of Tom Holland within the MCU, but perhaps for many it has not been the best “Spidey”, because the trilogy director Sam Raimi was going to be a part of this universe, since the Doctor Octopus was going to be connected with ‘Iron Man’ from the beginning.

As is known, the arrival of Spider-Man Movie universe of Marvel it was thanks to a negotiation with Sony Pictureswho have the rights to the character as well as of many others, therefore, there were two franchises, one starring Tobey Maguire a more Andrew Garfield.

The start of the MCU was a risky move for Marvel, since creating its own movies could be put at risk to the same company and their characters by what they sought to have a connection with other heroes or villains, and in a first draft of this movie Doctor Octopus I was going to be connected with ‘Iron Man’ directly.

According to this draft, Tony Stark I was going to be the creator of the famous tentacles that were fused with the Doctor Octopus, as in ‘Spider-Man’ no mention about the origin of these tools, but due to not having a negotiation with Sony Pictures could not be added to the film.

If this would have been able to add to the film, the universe of Spider-Man Sam Raimi would have been able to be part of the MCU since the beginning and would not have come Tom Holland in the role for the film ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

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