Yuliett Towers reaches 350 thousand followers on Twitter and she gives us this


If there is a mexican that is taking advantage of the quarantine that is Yuliett Towers. The underwear model and fitness continues with their work and their photos to your web private. We can see it there in its best moments, and even, as she herself indicates, we can chat directly with her if we pay the fee required. It sounds crazy, but in these times of confinement world, we can think of few better plans than the power charlotear with the beautiful model.

Yuliett he was born in Guadalajara although we do not know the actual age. We have never really known how it appeared or who is your mentor in the social networks. Just a day started to become famous and we gave it the voice it needed.

Has not been interviewed by the national media. In Mexico we have been offered many television stations that are incorporated into any of its programs, but the moment she is shown oblivious to everything that has to do with the press. Focuses on to continue her career as a model and don’t want to know anything more.

Has a great ease of word, as it shows whenever he makes direct to your Youtube channel or in your Facebook, and that in the future it may give you the opportunity to present a program or be a collaborator of the same. Does not rule out anything to your professional future, but not in a hurry.

Things have been rushed a bit on this 2020. Has already passed the 350 thousand followers on Twitter and has wanted to celebrate with a photo, which, as always, has left us without words.

With a model wrap takes the sun after, as we can see by the clothes he wears, a good session in the gym. And is that your body only responds to hard work and steady with the weights. Its perfection is the fruit of many years of preparing to look the best way possible.

She is a goddess, we can not say less.