27 million people watched the live concert of Andrea Bocelli

The cathedral of Miln est closed to prevent a possible infection by coronavirus. However, it is opened exclusively for a concert of solidarity Andrea Bocelli in Passover. The result: more than 20 million people saw it live.

Andra Bocelli next to the organist of the Duomo di Milano, Emanuele Vianelli gave a concert of Easter that was seen live by 26,759,898 people, and the reproductions are coupled with the passing of the hours.

And is that ms all of the songs performed to send “love, healing and hope” to Italy, and also show details of the impressive cathedral. So many descataron that trat of an event “poignant, fascinating, and magnificent a drawing”.

For the concert, the authorisation was delivered by the archbishop Monseor Gianantonio Borgonovo and the mayor Giuseppe Sala, in a way that opened for the concert, whose fragments also were shared by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, through its account of Instagram.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Italy became one of the passes ms affected since they had died more than 19 thousand people, while the total number of infected reach the 150 thousand patients.

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