40 things Kexxy Brown, by Kexxy Pardo | Today

1. Full name: Laura Manuela Ocampo (Kexxy) / Laura Pardo Pineda (Brown).

2. Year and city of birth: The two were born in 99 in Cali (Colombia).

3. Horoscope: Virgo / Leo.

4. How much do you measure? 1,65 / to 1.72.

5. What estudiasteis? Hospital care / Interpretation

6. How was the moment you knew that you wanted to devote yourself to music? From small sang and bothered me a lot with that. I wanted to be a dancer and a singer / When I decided to was when I entered in ‘The Voice’.

7. A musical genre that never tocaríais: We were to play everything.

8. Favorite artist: Beyoncé / Beyoncé and Rihanna.

9. The music that escuchabais at home small: Pop / Pop, and ballads.

10. A song that you are obsessed now: “You no longer have an excuse. Today went out with his friend, disque pa’ kill the cob…”.

11. Your success in the karaoke: Laura Pausini / ‘Today I want you’, by Alejandro Fernández.

12. The song you play to your friends: The ‘I, I, I I stopped the taxi’. It was ultra high with that song (Kexxy).

13. The musician who is in your contacts and that you have not yet called: I have the Gemeliers. I’ve never called, but yes we have written / Lola Indigo.

14. A series that I have hooked up to see 5 chapters in a row: ‘Grey’s anatomy’ / I saw the whole of ‘The Boat’.

15. A hobby or a favorite sport: I love dancing / figure Skating.

16. Do you have pet? I have a puppy, it is called Pequitas and is a algodocito (Brown).

17. Are you cocinitas or you prefer that I cook? I love to cook, but nobody likes what I do / me too I like it, but when it is to make desserts with people.

18. The dish is a better os comes out: Paste snapshot / Ramén.

19. Favorite food: Paste instant / I Love the lasagna with my life.

20. The social network that you hooked: Instagram, but lately I’m also using Twitter / Instagram.

21. The social network that’s more laziness gives you: Almost do not use Facebook / Twitter.

22. Station of the year favorite and why: In Colombia we don’t have seasons, but I love the spring / spring is well linda.

23. Something that cannot endure, that you sick: Hate to send me / bothers Me the people who is not punctual.

24. A perfect plan for the weekend: Lately I am a big fan of plans home: Netflix and pizza / My plan is to be on a farm surrounded by nature.

25. A phrase that I repeat a lot: That everything flows and that nothing to influence / discipline you are going to do great.

26. Something about you that very few people know: I am a big fan of Disney / handling the tv remote with the feet.

27. What is your cartoon character or favorite TV? I’m a fan of Brady, mr. whiskers / I Already know that Phineas and Ferb was great, but I loved.

28. A movie (or several) that you define: ‘La La land’ / I was hooked much to ‘The corridor of the labyrinth’.

29. A novel, that I changed his life: ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ / ‘Without breasts there is paradise’.

30. Something that gives you fatal: Everything that has to do with motor / Paint.

31. Something (or someone) with which you are obsessed: Beyoncé and Ariana Grande and her pony tales (Brown).

32. How do you describe your relationship with fashion? I really like the fashion Trapical / we Want to find something that make us different.

33. The last gadget that you purchased: A baffle / About aurículares.

34. Your personality: Outgoing and crazy / I’m in two extremes: either I am supertímida or am superloca.

35. A toy (or game) of childhood, that you may remember: The Play Station / Jenga.

36. The best vacation of your life: When I came back to Cali with Brown. That trip changed me life. / I went with a premium all along the coast of Colombia by bus.

37. A mania: I am very restless and I have a knack for saying silly / I got a lot of nails.

38. Tattoos: I have 6 and my favorite is a mosaic, an abstract I tatúo Simon, Morat / I have 9 and my favorite is 333, which is the number of the angels.

39. A hidden pleasure: I have a fetish rare with doctors / The Spanish policemen.

40. A place and a moment to compose: I love writing in the early morning in any study with friends / The beach.