Abraham Mateo talks about the coronavirus and his new song with Becky G at Billboard Live Chat

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The Spanish singer Abraham Mateo connected with Suzette Fernandez Billboard for a chat Billboard Live from Madrid, Spain, to talk about how he fought the symptoms of the coronavirus, her new music and to answer quick questions.

The interview started talking about how she felt about the singer and if he had recovered from the symptoms of the coronavirus that had experienced it. “Although I had the symptoms, we decided to stay at home and do not test me,” he says. And the reason behind this decision was to keep your body away from the people to avoid the symptoms worse.

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In addition, Matthew confirmed that it is ready to release a new song called “Time Pa to Forget” along side Becky G in may. “It’s a song that goes well with my style and with the Becky”.

Watch the full video above and discover your favorite movie, what kind of food you like, your daily routine, and more.

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