Training with Chris Hemsworth, guitar lessons, space travel and even a concert of Paul McCartney among the proposals of the Agenda Robb for you to stay at homebut don’t get stuck without plans.

It is just your day of home office and have no idea what
to do, in the Agenda Robb give you some suggestions that will surprise you:

Train with Chris Hemsworth

Follow a routine of exercises these days is very important not only to staying physically fit, but also mentally, less stressed.

Therefore, the first recommendation of the Agenda Robb is immediately download the training app of Chris Hemsworth: Centr, in which you’ll find exercises, diets, cooking videos, and even meditation techniques.

Take advantage of the last weeks of gratuitousness of this program
training, with discipline, could lead you to get the physique of the King
of Thunder.

Desestresa your dog with the routines of Dog Teacher

Although fortunately they are not at risk of infection, the
man’s best friends, our dogs, also are confined in
the home.

And while we certainly are happy that we are more time on your side, also, are victims of the stress caused by the change of routine.

For this reason, it is important to find ways to keep them mentally entertained, and for this a good alternative is to follow the advice that the specialists of Dog Teacher are sharing from their social networks: @dogteacherchile. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to make happy to your pet.

Enjoy the cinema art with the FICM

Agenda Robb

If you don’t know what else to see on Netflix, it may be time to seek another alternative, and the International Film Festival of Morelia you give it.

Every two weeks, until may 31, will be presented on-line different cycles of winners FICM.

Among the titles that you can enjoy are:
vigilant, Diego Ros; Beautiful night, María José Cuevas; Tempest, of
Tatiana Huezo; Green, Alonso Ruizpalacios; John Dogs, Rodrigo Ímaz; Yesterday
wonder I, by Gabriel Mariño; Return-to-origin, María José Glender; Story
family, of Eastern García and many more.

Adopts a bartender

Get ready for an afternoon chat away with friends accompanied by delicious cocktails.

Adopts a bartender is an initiative with which you’ll be able to access an interesting kit of drinks created by some of the best artists in the bar.

Just make your order by Whatsapp to:
552197-7120, in a time of 12:00 to 22:00 hrs from Monday to Saturday. Or
consult the following account of Instagram: @artistasdelabarra.

Your purchase will help, in addition, to maintain the career of a
talented bartender in these moments in which their places of work
are closed.

You experience the Wine Fridays of Monte Xanic

Agenda Robb

Lovers and those interested in the wine have an appointment on Friday at 20:00 hours, with one of the leading wine cellars of the country.

We speak of Monte Xanic, which has launched the Wine Fridays, a
program of tastings in vivo, that you can follow via Instagram: @monte_xanic.

Query the labels that will be tested in house session and encárgalas online through your webwith free shipping on orders above 1,900 pesos. The next tasting will be April 17 and April 24.

Live the historic concert One World: Together At Home

Agenda Robb

If you are one of those fans that have been on the hunt for the best concerts that are transmitted by streaming, sure do not want to miss this one that you recommend in the Agenda Robb.

The cast, cured by Lady Gaga, including large figures,
from Elton John to the very Sir Paul McCartney, going by Alanis
Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day,
Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin, and many more.

The special will be aired the next April 18 at the
20:00 hours (New York time) on ABC, NBC, CBS, iHeartMedia and chains
Bell Media.

You can view it live on YouTube, Apple, Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

Travel into space with NASA at Home

Agenda Robb

If you keep a healthy distance it is, I don’t think that you can be further away than in the outer space. And NASA is your perfect ally to achieve that mission.

During these days of confinement at home, the u.s. agency gives an escape plan, ideal for living with children: NASA at Home.

It is a platform on the Internet that offers
activities free educational and learning resources for the small.

You will find from coloring pages, podcasts, books
electronics, to video games, as well as virtual visits to the last