Alexa Dellanos and photograph in little clothing, that no one could forget

A picture is worth a thousand words!, this is pretty good for the beautiful Alexa Dellanos, because he knows that the power of a photograph of yours can become the dream of many or the supervision of others.

The daughter of Myrka Dellanos shared a couple of photos in a bikini, red velvet that looks really great, it is difficult to come out of the minds of their followers.

In the images, Alexa performs poses that are beyond flirty and mad all for its prominent curves that were jumping from the small pieces of fabric.

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Look at the bold images here and here.

The color highlighted her skin and the bikini seemed tiny in his beautiful anatomy that has placed it as one of the favorites in the social networks.

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Or the very Mirka Dellanos has been able to stop to comment on the photos of your daughter that steals millions of sighs.

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The beautiful Alexa has shared while respecting the current quarantine by the sanitary contingency and with a lot of concern has regretted that his mother cannot do the same by continuing with their duty to report to the citizenship.

For its part, Myrka has confessed that it destroys the heart with the stories that arise around the coronavirus and has asked his audience to pray for her.

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