Amy Schumer has donated 2,500 to the masks to the hospital of your best friend

Amy Schumer made a contribution of 2,500 masks at a hospital in New York where she works her best friend.

The actress and comedian american of 38 years, Amy Schumer, donated 2.500 masks the hospital The Mount Sinai hospital South Nassau in Oceanside, New York, a hospital where does your best friend Jen Cloudman taking care of patients infected by COVID-19.

It should be noted that, Amy associated with the foundation BStrong of Bethenny Frankel to make the donation and now your friend Jen gave an interview to the media People to talk about this partnership.

Amy Schumer Donates Masks to Hospital Where Her Best Friend ...

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Then, Cloudman said that she and the actress have been united for nearly 30 years, that is to say, since they were 11 years of age, adding: “We have a group chat where we support each other, especially at this time, and it was there that she came by and said we’re Going to do this, I can do this, I can help”.

Finally, it was reported that the contribution of Schumer included 2.500 surgical masks N95 in addition to the 2.500 “kits”crown to detect cases of contagion, next to jars of disinfectant and essential elements of prevention.

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