Angelina Jolie speaks of the experience that changed his life


Angelina Jolie continues its humanitarian work in full world crisis. The oscar-winning actress and Goodwill ambassador of United Nations has donated a million dollars to fight the pandemic and now has wished to send a message to denounce the increasing cases of child abuse during the quarantine. The star of Maleficent has talked with the magazine Time and has expressed its concern due to the growing number of children who are in vulnerable situations due to the confinement.

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While many children are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus, there are others who are not safe in their places of isolation. One out of every 15 children in the united States are exposed to domestic violence, says the actress, 44, which exposes that “to isolate a victim from their family and friends is a well known tactic of control by the abusers, which means that the social distancing is needed to stop COVID-19-inadvertently fed into the trauma and suffering for the most vulnerable. Children. There are already reports of an increase in domestic violence around the world”.

“These children do not go to school at this time, and teachers may not see the bruising, and what is happening in some homes”. In the same way, warns that children are being deprived of their support networks that help them to cope with the situation: “From their friends and teachers trusted to sports activities after school and visits to the home of a beloved relative that allows them to escape their environment to be abusive”. The actress insists that the COVID – 19 “has separated the children from their friends, their education and their freedom of movement.”

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Jolie has released a series of guides to help poteger to the children during the pandemic and has requested that the duration of isolation for us to make sure “call to family or friends, especially when we have concerns that someone is vulnerable.”

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‘I don’t need to cry, I need you to help me’, the phrase that changed her life

With this calling the interpreter, a mother of six children –Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox – with the confinement in the united States, claims that its words will inspire people to “love one another” and to “communicate more with each other”.

Angelina, in turn, has not been inconvenient to reveal the experience that led him to turn both his career as a humanitarian: “There was a time in my life in which I was aware of what was going on in the world, in our country and in the life of the people. I realized everything and I started to have hope in becoming someone useful to others,” he says. “I started writing a journal and continually wrote down that cried always by what I saw. I felt very connected with the people. One day, a wonderful woman, a grandmother caring for her grandchildren because she had lost their children, he saw me crying and said to me, ‘I don’t need to cry, I need you to help me'”, remember. That was the moment in which the life of Angelina Jolie forever changed and he threw himself into humanitarian work.

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