Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli dance Tusa and his fans react: “they Are the best couple” | The Latest


The choreography of the pair logged almost 4 million views

Tik Tok has become a window to showcase for a host of celebrities as thousands around the world who remain in voluntary isolation in order to stop the spread of


and for shows

Sebastián Rulli


Angelique Boyer,

who to the rhythm of ‘Husk’ that shut down the networks.

Through its official account of Instagram, the protagonist of a telenovela shared a Tik Tok in which, together with the argentine actor, you try to follow a choreography with the theme of Karol G and Nicki Minaj background. However, at the end they prefer to leave behind the coordination and give free rein to the improvisation.

“We decided to stop to count the steps… you better feel the music and make the steps count!!! We have entertained the #tiktok Sebastian Rulli” said the actress, 31 years old, as the description of the video that so far logged almost 4 million views.

The naturalness with which the two stars handled the application, which has gained popularity in the middle of the quarantine, was praised for its more than 10 million followers, who emphasized the beautiful couple that formed and launched one or the other pyrope for Boyer, who soon will return to the small screen in the soap opera ‘Empire of lies’.

“I loved the end”, “love”, “Couple looking”, “Congratulations, you are padrísimos”, “How beautiful”, “The best couple”, “I Love your outfit, you look like a doll”, “you have No idea what fun we have in this quarantine,” “I Am very happy to see how you are well and happy,” and “Tik Tok is the best since you started to use”, are some of the messages that are read next to the clip.

Since its debut in the famous application, Angelique Boyer it has taken the applause of their fans each that comes to life ‘Teresa’ in the fun-filled adaptations that have been shared. In addition, a few days ago, the couple became a trend in social networking and Internet searches for the joke of the double meaning that She made him her partner.

“Hey, my love, can you bring me an orange please in the kitchen?”, says She while, with orange in hand, the actress of French origin questions: “I hair, my love?”, question that the argentine used to finish off with a: “Yes, but first pass me the orange.”