Blac Chyna charges $ 950 to her fans for a video call



The tv star Blac Chyna is determined to make the confinement of their fans more staunch goes as smoothly as possible thanks to a heartwarming video for his party, an initiative from your beauty products brand Lashed Cosmetics and that, as appears from its web page, has a nominal and affordable price -note the irony – of $ 950.

To do this, its fortunate customers only need to leave your phone number in the notes section of the payment form, plus add a similar fee to the final invoice, when you go to the mentioned website, that is not specified how long will they last call or at what time they occur, to acquire some of the variety of cosmetics that sells the celebrity.

Also, the outside pair of Rob Kardashian, the mother of the small Dream along with the designer of socks, it has been proposed to follow on the social networks to those fans who are willing to pay $ 250 using the same procedure and, also, have no problem to wait between 24 and 48 hours before you receive this distinguished recognition.

“You get a call from me in person on FaceTime. And for you to follow back in Instagram, you have to add your user name in the line of the postal address. Please, allow between 24 and 48 hours to start to follow you. Thank you all!”, reads an excerpt of the message that have been shared with the multi-talented socialite in your web space.