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Brad Pitt has been active since the late 90’s with success and fame in spite of the new generations.

The recognized actor it is considered a star in the film industry thanks to her roles in ribbons as in The fight club, Seven, Troy, once Upon a time in Hollywood, among others.

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Brad Pitt wearing a dress for the magazine Rolling Stone.

By the year 1999, where Brad Pitt was in one of the highest points of his career, made an interesting series of photographs with the magazine Rolling Stone.

Shorn and with her look more daring, wore different dresses of woman, posing with a lot of elegance and audacity. The photos were a sensation at that time.

Brad Pitt pissed away elegance with the dress.

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It is worth mentioning that Brad Pitt it was not the only Hollywood actor that appeared that way. Robin Williams did on the tape in mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. Going a little further to the present, Ezra Miller, often appearing in photo shoots as a young lady with provocative clothing.

In addition, the music industry is also not immune to this style. The members of the band Queen appeared dressed women in the video “I Want to Break Free” in 1984. And, recently, Bad Bunny caused a stir with the video for “I dirty dancing, alone,” in which she played the role of a exuberant woman.

Brad Pitt in Rolling Stone, in the year 1999.

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